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Dildon'ts of Bluetooth: Pen test boffins sniff out Berlin's smart butt plugs • The Register

Mac High Sierra hijinks continue: Nasty apps can pull your passwords • The Register

Oracle corrals and patches Struts 2 vulnerabilities • The Register

Patch alert! Easy-to-exploit flaw in Linux kernel rated 'high risk' • The Register

Project Zero: Over The Air - Vol. 2, Pt. 1: Exploiting The Wi-Fi Stack on Apple Devices

S.E.C. Says It Was a Victim of Computer Hacking Last Year

Breach at Sonic Drive-In May Have Impacted Millions of Credit, Debit Cards

CCleaner backdoor infecting millions delivered mystery payload to 40 PCs

Have MAC, will hack: iThings have trivial-to-exploit Wi-Fi bug • The Register

The Petya Plague Exposes the Threat of Evil Software Updates

Inside the New York hospital hackers took down for 6 weeks

NotPetya cyber-attack cost TNT at least $300m

Dial S for SQLi: Mobe app lets skiddies order web attacks via texts

I Bought a Russian Bot Army for Under $100

Malicious apps with >1 million downloads slip past Google defenses twice

Red Alert 2.0: New Android banking trojan can block and log incoming calls from banks

All That's Needed To Hack Gmail And Rob Bitcoin: A Name And A Phone Number

Hackers backdoored CCleaner, likely affecting tens of millions of users

SEC Says Hackers Breached Its System, Might Have Used Stolen Data for Insider Trading

SEC reveals hackers might have used stolen data for insider trading

Man held website hostage for $10, 000, failed, redirected it to porn, got busted

CCleanup: A Vast Number of Machines at Risk

How I hacked hundreds of companies through their helpdesk

The CCleaner Malware Fiasco Targeted at Least 18 Specific Tech Firms

Hacking Team's Spyware Targeted Porn Sites' Visitors

CCleaner Command and Control Causes Concern

Hackers Entered Equifax Systems in March

More than three dozen schools call off classes after 'cyber terrorist' threat

This Ransomware Demands Nudes Instead of Bitcoin

Critical VMware vulnerability, patch and update now

EternalBlue Exploit Used in Retefe Banking Trojan Campaign

Imprese tedesche sotto attacco dagli hacker cinesi (Wsj)

Want to get around app whitelists by pretending to be Microsoft? Of course you can...

Deloitte hit by cyber-attack revealing clients’ secret emails

Ex-NSA hacker drops macOS High Sierra zero-day hours before launch

Deloitte is a sitting duck: Key systems with RDP open, VPN and proxy 'login details leaked'

Retefe banking malware now using leaked NSA EternalBlue exploit that helped spread WannaCry

Internet Explorer Bug Leaks What Users Type in the URL Address Bar

Source: Deloitte Breach Affected All Company Email, Admin Accounts — Krebs on Security

Docs ran a simulation of what would happen if really nasty malware hit a city's hospitals. RIP :(

CBS's Showtime caught mining crypto-coins in viewers' web browsers • The Register

Spesometro 2017, è caos digitale: i professionisti chiedono una proroga

Sensitive client emails, usernames, passwords exposed in Deloitte hack • The Register

Insteon and Wink home hubs appear to have a problem with encryption • The Register

Guess – go on, guess – where a vehicle tracking company left half a million records • The Register

IoT botnet Linux.ProxyM turns its grubby claws to spam rather than DDoS • The Register

Someone checked and, yup, you can still hijack Gmail, Bitcoin wallets etc via dirty SS7 tricks • The Register

Apache “Optionsbleed” vulnerability – what you need to know

Downloaded CCleaner lately? Oo, awks... it was stuffed with malware • The Register

Security Flaw in Estonian National ID Card - Schneier on Security

SPUZ : Equifax Breached

Another month, another malware outbreak in Google's Play Store • The Register

Everybody without Android Oreo vulnerable to overlay attack • The Register

It's September 2017, and .NET lets PDFs hijack your Windows PC • The Register

Missed patch caused Equifax data breach • The Register

Defrosted starter for 10: Iceland home delivery site spills customer details • The Register

Shoddily-set-up Elastisearch hosting point-of-sale malware • The Register

D-Link router riddled with 0-day flaws • The Register

When strangers can control our lights › FAU.EU

Hackers Could Silently Hack Your Cellphone And Computers Over Bluetooth

Siemens patches one security vuln, leaves folks to block second

Hacking Coinbase: The Great Bitcoin Bank Robbery

ARM’s embedded TLS library fixes man-in-the-middle fiddle

List Of High Profile Cryptocurrency Hacks So Far (August 24th 2017)

Siemens patches one security vuln, leaves folks to block second

Hacker Claims To Push Malicious Firmware Update to 3.2 Million Home Routers

465, 000 Patients Need Software Updates for Their Hackable Pacemakers, FDA Says

Inside an Epic Hotel Room Hacking Spree

Apache Struts you're stuffed: Vuln allows hackers to inject evil code into biz servers

Inside an Epic Hotel Room Hacking Spree

Inside an Epic Hotel Room Hacking Spree

School's contest website hacked; police report made

Firm Hired to Monitor Data Breaches Is Hacked, 143 Million Social Security Numbers Stolen

Stand up who HASN'T been hit in the Equifax mega-hack – whoa, whoa, sit down everyone • The Register

Equifax Announces Cybersecurity Incident Involving Consumer Information

Yet another AWS config fumble: Time Warner Cable exposes 4 million subscriber records • The Register

Apache Struts you're stuffed: Vuln allows hackers to inject evil code into biz servers • The Register

Kurat võtku! Estonia identifies security risk in almost 750,000 ID cards • The Register

Despite appearances, WikiLeaks wasn't hacked

Data breach hits four million Time Warner app users - BBC News

Thousands of sensitive mercenary resumes exposed after security lapse | ZDNet

MacEwan University loses $11.8 million to scammers in phishing attack | National Post