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Legion of demons found in ancient auto drug dispensing cabinets

L’assalto web alla sanità sferrato da un sedicenne - Cronaca - Il Piccolo

Hackers Breach Law Firms, Including Cravath and Weil Gotshal

“Ho comprato un virus che infetta e ricatta i vostri pc. Vi spiego come funziona”

Gumtree serves world's worst exploit kit to scores of Aussies

Six now face charges in CT Lottery scheme | Lottery Post

British teen arrested in hacking of top U.S. intelligence officials

Hospital Declares ‘Internal State of Emergency’ After Ransomware Infection — Krebs on Security

BBC News: FBI warns on risks of car hacking

Johns Hopkins researchers poke a hole in Apple’s encryption

Critical FreeBSD bug squashed

BBC News: BBC, MSN hit by malicious ad attack

5 Major Hospital Hacks: Horror Stories from the Cybersecurity Frontlines


Mechanic computers used to pwn cars in new model-agnostic attack

BBC News: Bangladesh bank hackers fail in bid to net $1bn

Hacking industrial vehicles from the internet

Trivial path for DDoS amplification attacks found by infosec bods

2016: Bad USB sticks, evil webpages, booby-trapped font files still menace Windows PCs

US taxmen pull plug on anti-identity-theft system used by identity thieves

NatWest tightens online banking security after hacks' 'hack' exposé

L’allarme sulla sicurezza dell’Anagrafe tributaria

BlackEnergy malware activity spiked in runup to Ukraine power grid takedown

Apple targeted by KeRanger ransom malware for first time

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DROWN Abuses SSL v2 to Attack TLS

U.S. Announces 'Hack The Pentagon' Bug Bounty Program : The Two-Way : NPR

Pirates hacked a shipping firm to find boats to raid

VoIP (Voice over IP) attacks

Hacktivists Leak Details for 300, 000 Chilean Citizens Looking for State Benefits

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HTTPS DROWN flaw: Security bods' hearts sink as tatty protocols wash away web crypto

How easy is it to hack a home network? - BBC News

The DROWN security hole – what you need to know