Visualizzazione dei post da Luglio, 2017

iCloud security flaw put iPhone, Mac passwords at risk

UK uni warns students of phishers trying to nick their tuition fees

No one still thinks iOS is invulnerable to malware, right? Well, knock it off • The Register

Crazy bug of the week: Gnome Files' .MSI parser runs evil VBScripts • The Register

Dahua cameras stung by Web interface bug • The Register

School of card knocks: Russophone criminals offered online courses in credit card fraud • The Register

Solaris, Java have vulns that let users run riot • The Register

Torino: truffa da 30 mila euro allo chef Barbieri, giudice di Masterchef

FreeRADIUS fragged by fuzzer – by invitation – and fifteen fails found • The Register

Another day, another mass domain hijacking • The Register

Kerberos bypass, login theft bug slain by Microsoft, Linux slingers • The Register

No big deal. You can defeat Kaspersky's ATM antivirus with a really fat executable • The Register

AGFEO smart home controllers need patching • The Register

14 MEEELLION Verizon subscribers' details leak from crappily configured AWS S3 data store • The Register

Avanti Markets kiosks hit by malware attack

ATO staffer leaks phone hacking how-to online, reveals fraud investigation tactics - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Cloud Foundry had a privilege escalation bug • The Register

Samba slip-up smackdown: HPE stops NonStop Server bugs • The Register

Two-factor FAIL: Chap gets pwned after 'AT&T falls for hacker tricks' • The Register

Bloke takes over every .io domain by snapping up crucial name servers • The Register

Broadpwn Bug Affects Millions of Android and iOS Devices

CopyCat Malware Infected 14M Android Devices, Rooted 8M, in 2016

Massive cyber-attack could cost Nurofen and Durex maker £100m

The AA Exposed Emails, Credit Card Data, and Didn’t Inform Customers

Hard Rock hotels burgered up by Sabre breach • The Register

Biometric data stolen from corporate lunch rooms system • The Register

TNT e le altre: cos un attacco hacker mette in ginocchio un’azienda per giorni - Il Sole 24 ORE

Google ships WannaCrypt for Android, disguised as Samba app • The Register

Google patches pwnable 'droids for Wi-Fi vuln • The Register

Perl devs solve ancient Riddle: 'What's a vuln we caught from Oracle?' • The Register

Cisco automation code needs manual patch • The Register

Create a user called '0day', get bonus root privs – thanks, Systemd! • The Register

GnuPG crypto library cracked, look for patches • The Register

Medicare data leaks, but who was breached? • The Register

Android 'forensic' app pulled from Google Play after vulnerability report • The Register

DaFont has been hacked – accounts and passwords stolen

Don't panic, but Linux's Systemd can be pwned via an evil DNS query

Intel AMT bug bit Siemens industrial PCs

German e-gov protocol carries ancient vulns