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WTF is your problem, Netgear? Another hijack hole found in its routers • The Register

Majority of Android VPNs can’t be trusted to make users more secure

OpenSSL pushes trio of DoS-busting patches • The Register

VMware's enterprise mobility management tool can p0wn itself • The Register

We don't want to alarm you, but PostScript makes your printer an attack vector • The Register

WordPress slips out three quick patches • The Register

Big Blue's BigInsights has big-ish bugs • The Register

Cisco TelePresence control software had remote-exploitable bug • The Register

Marketing company leaks 17,000 recorded phone calls, many with credit card numbers • The Register

More mobe malware creeps into Google Play – this time, ransomware • The Register

Uber pays hacker US$9,000 for partner firm's bug • The Register

Bookish hacker finds holes in Amazon, Apple, Google epub services • The Register

How one man could have deleted any public Facebook video

Disk-nuking malware takes out Saudi Arabian gear. Yeah, wipe that smirk off your face, Iran • The Register

Occhio a quel che copiate (e incollate) nella console Linux | Mia mamma usa Linux!

Hackers Tear Apart Trend Micro, Find 200 Vulnerabilities In Just 6 Months

Western Digital fixes remote execution bug in My Cloud Mirror • The Register

Cisco's WebEx Chrome plugin will execute evil code, install malware via secret 'magic URL' • The Register

Microsoft fixes remote desktop app Mac hole • The Register

Kid hackers break XSS defences, find hack hole in 2 million websites • The Register

What links macOS, iOS, Safari, tvOS, watchOS? They all need patching • The Register

It's 2017 and 200,000 services still have unpatched Heartbleeds

Lloyds Bank outage: DDoS is prime suspect

BadUSB – now with Do-It-Yourself instructions

Stealing passwords from McDonald's users - Tijme Gommers

General Electrics plays down industrial control plant vulnerabilities • The Register

Trump's 'cyber tsar' Giuliani among creds leaked in mass hacks • The Register

Cybercrime and fraud scale revealed in annual figures

Who is Anna-Senpai, the Mirai Worm Author? — Krebs on Security

Ooooh, that's NASty. Security-watchers warn over man-in-the-middle risk • The Register

Adobe's naughty Chrome telemetry code had XSS problem • The Register

SOHOpeless routers offer hard-coded credentials and command injection bugs • The Register

Ransomware scum infect cancer non-profit • The Register

Hacker cracks Facebook with remote code execution bug • The Register

Promising compsci student sold key-logger, pleads guilty, faces jail

UK's largest hospital trust battles Friday 13th malware outbreak • The Register

ISC squishes BIND packet-of-death bugs

Ansible patches 'own the farm' vulnerability • The Register

What do you call a firm that leaves customer financials unencrypted on a hard drive? RSA • The Register

Insurer hit with fine after unencrypted NAS stolen Naked Security

Cyberspionaggio, il superpoliziotto rimosso per i suoi silenzi: "Ho sottovalutato i rischi"

It's now 2017, and your Windows PC can still be pwned by a Word file • The Register

Autocomplete a novel phishing hole for Chrome, Safari crims

Bank leaks 60000 account details in three character email slip-up Naked Security

Two years on, thousands of unpatched Magento shops still being carded • The Register

Cyberspionaggio contro Renzi, Draghi e Monti: due arresti della polizia a Roma

UPDATE: Valleys pays ransom with Cyber Insurance Soloman Smith - The Valley Star

MongoDB ransom attacks soar, body count hits 27,000 in hours • The Register

Website of Military of Venezuela hacked

VNC server library gets security fix • The Register

Ransomware scum: 'I believe I'm a good fit. See attachments' • The Register

Hacker claims FBI CMS zero day hack, dumps 155 purported logins • The Register

Hackers could explode horribly insecure smart meters, pwn home IoT • The Register

Kaspersky fixing serious certificate slip • The Register

Programmer finds way to liberate ransomware'd Google Smart TVs • The Register

Android tops 2016 vuln list, with 523 bugs • The Register