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X-ray scanners, CCTV cams, hefty machinery ... let's play: VNC Roulette!

Google Search Technique Aided N.Y. Dam Hacker in Iran

Airbus boarded by 12 nation-state, crimeware 'breaches' every year

Massive malvertising attack poisons 288 sites

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Hacked radio stations broadcast 90-minute explicit podcast

Costa Rica launches investigation after reports hackers ‘rigged’ 2014 election

ARRIS (Motorola) SURFboard modem unauthenticated reboot flaw

Academics claim Google Android two-factor authentication is breakable

Almost half of dropped USB sticks will get plugged in

Fake CEOs pilfer $2.3bn from US biz pockets in three years – Feds

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Hacked-corporate-email-as-a-service costs just US$500 a seat!

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PayPal plugs phishing-enabling vulnerability, stumps up $500 • The Register

Un hacker dice que ayudó a Peña Nieto y a otros líderes latinoamericanos a ganar elecciones